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Circles, cylinders, tubes or curveso encompass the true sound of “Made in Italy” in a single design.
Research, design and craftsmanship to bring the sound where you want it.
XiLO was created in the enginecapital of the world, Modena.
A unique combination of design,materials and colour.

General characteristics:
Number of channels: 5.1
Power output: 340W
Bluetooth: Yes
Number of audio inputs: 1

Special features:

Down Firing Subwoofer: Yes
Subwoofer Control Panel: Yes
Main amplifier: 4x25W
Subwoofer amplifier: 1x140W
Size: 8″ – 218mm
Power Max: 1x140W
Freq. Response: 50 – 2000Hz
Mid Bass:
Size: 4″ – 103mm
Power Max: 2x40W
Freq. Response: 70 – 1200Hz
Size: 3″ – 87mm
Power Max: 2x40W
Freq. Response: 110 – 2000Hz
Power Max: 1x40W
5000 – 2000Hz
Accessories: Yes
AC/DC Transformer:
User Manual:
Smartphone support panels: Yes
Product dimensions (HxWxD): 50cm x 60cm x 75cm
Gross dimensions (HxWxD) packaging: 55cm x 65cm x 80cm
Product weight: 18kg
Gross weight: packed: 27kg
Power supply: 0,26W
Operating Power Consumption: 0,43W
Power Supply: 100V – 240V ~ 50/60Hz

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